Practice Love

We've created this wall of love to celebrate the feedback we receive from those in primary care who have chosen to automate their admin with Healthtech-1.

These are real quotes from real NHS GP practice staff.

"In our first 4 weeks, 98% of our online registrations have been automated, freeing up hours of time each week for our registrations team. This increased capacity has enabled us to get on top of other income generating work. In summary a raving success for us – very glad we took this step in our automation journey as a practice."
IT & Finance Manager
"It has saved our practice a massive amount of time, and the payment per registration is totally offset by savings in staff time. It's a no brainer."
Practice Manager
“I really haven’t been so excited about something since the day the Spice Girls said they’ll get back together!
"I'm really impressed with the outcome, we are saving so much admin time."
Practice manager
"Working with you and your team has definitely been one of the highlights of my job here the practice. I am so grateful to Healthtech-1 for creating something that has really improved the quality of my work life."
Registrations Clerk
"I love how you've thought of what we need - no tying us into long term contracts or high prices and making sure that you code things properly - you really know your primary care."
Practice Manager
"Not having to plan processing new patient registrations in our rota for the patient services team is
a huge relief - everyone is loving it!!!"
Practice manager
“We love Healthtech-1's focus on clinical safety. Automated registrations means that patients are registered on the same day in a standardised way with QOF points (such as smoking cessation) already being gained. It truly means we have one less task."
Practice manager
"Now that registrations are processed on the same day, our patient care navigators have considerably more time to devote to patient care-related tasks. With this much simpler registration process, our list size has significantly increased and we were able to give our staff a 10% pay rise this year!"