⚡️ Automated
lab reports & requests

Rather than getting your doctors to spend countless hours clicking through normal lab test reports, why not get Healthtech-1 to it for you? We'll also send the patient a text and email letting them know of their result.

We're starting with low risk normal test reports and will file more results over time. FIT tests, Covid tests, you tell us!

We'll auto generate blood test forms for your patients to pick up at reception.

Point 1: If appropriate, at the end of new patient registration, we will generate a blood test form. Useful examples include: HIV, Blood Borne Virus screening, Latent TB and PSA.

Point 2: For a big list of patients, say all your pre-diabetic patients, generate a blood test form for every patient and invite them to pick it up. Use cases: HbA1c, cholesterol for call/recall, and high risk drug monitoring.

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