NHS staff deserve 1 less task.
We're the team to do it.

Having delivered "game changing digital transformation" to a handful of GP practices, our team are thought leaders in Primary Care. Diverse in background and expertise, we share the passion and technical skills to build health innovations at unparalleled speeds.

We are guided by a strong set of principles

applied in all the work that we do:
Do your life's best work
Be an owner
Simultaneously be a student and a teacher
Trust in radical trust and transparency
Find the fun

We are hiring

Want to empower better patient care across our nation? We're on the lookout for problem-solvers with a passion for health care. Drop us an email to find out which roles we're hiring for!
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Meet the team

🐲 Peter Huang

Co-Founder & Head of Product
Pete builds the product! He's a self-taught software engineer that honed his skills at Monzo - company who make them wonderful orange bank cards!

🦄 Raj Kohli

Co-founder & Head of Growth
Raj is an NHS Clinical Entrepreneur and drives growth at Ht1. He's also Patient Experience Lead at First 4 Health Group (4 GPs in Newham). Want work with us? Say hi to Raj.

🐯 Dr Lydia van Hamel-Parsons

Founding Clinician
Lydia brings a super rare combination of health-tech experience. On the health side, Lydia is a NHS GP, meaning that she deeply feels and understands the pressures in primary care 💙. On the tech side, she worked as accuRx's second employee before founding her own healthcare admin automation startup.

🦈 Neil Chandarana

Founding Engineer
Neil studied alongside Pete at Warwick University, and our paths have crossed fondly many times. An automation junkie, Neil automated much of his own job as an Options Trader at Barclays before founding his own AI/Data consultancy. Importantly, he’s a systems thinker, who communicates diagrammatically.

🦅 Rupert Moreton

Founding Operator
Naturally eagle eyed. Rupert pays attention to the detail. It's the gift that enables him to lead Operations and Finance at Healthtech-1.